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Are you ready for greatness?

Lanistar is the payment card built for the influencer lifestyle. You could join the world’s biggest Influencer team to create. Don’t hate. Collaborate.

  • A Stunning Card Design to Catch the Eye? Check.
  • Flex money? Check.
  • Accepted worldwide? Check.
  • Extra Security with 3DS? Check.
How do I join?
  • Have a kick-ass social platform and engaged audience of 50K followers
  • Fill in our contact form using the link at the bottom of the page
  • Virtually “meet” your friendly Owner Relationships Manager (ORM)
  • If successful, sign your contract and join our Influencer portal
  • Receive your very own Lanistar payment card
  • Share 4 posts per month, driving traffic to Lanistar socials and/or website
What do I get in return?
  • You’ll be part of our worldwide network of influencers
  • You’ll be rewarded with shares in a fast-moving fintech company
  • You’ll have the opportunity to up your shares by successfully referring fellow influencers
  • We’ll send you regular newsletters with updates on the company
Get stuck in

Whether you’re an Influencer yourself or working with an agency of influencers, we’d love to discuss collaboration or possible joint enterprise in more detail. Simply click below to fill in our contact form and we’ll be in touch.




Influencers in 100+ countries making us truly global
3000+ Lanistar influencers
Influencers in 100+ countries making us truly global
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Who is behind Lanistar?

Lanistar was founded in 2019 by the entrepreneur Gurhan Kiziloz whose ambition is to create a £1bn Fintech unicorn and truly challenge the status quo of old fashioned, traditional banking services.

Now, using modern technology with industry leading partners, the Lanistar team are aiming to deliver a solution that provides a total 'AnyMoney' solution for our customers

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How does Lanistar work?

The Lanistar card transforms how you handle your finances. It provides the freedom to make payments at physical stores, shop online, and integrates seamlessly with Google Pay – yes, simply tap your phone to pay. Additionally, it's easy to set up and ensures unmatched security. Embark on a new financial journey with the Lanistar card, where innovation becomes your finances' best ally.

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What countries are supported?

Currently only live in Brazil but we aim to be live very soon in the UK, EU, Argentina and Colombia.

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How secure is Lanistar?

Our payment cards are probably some of safest in the world. By combining smartphone facial and access code recognition with an in-App facial recognition, PIN change and CVV services aligned with 3DS security for online shopping - your purchasing power is secure.

Our company differentiates itself from the others by providing enhanced security for its customers.

Lanistar payment card has a range of unique security features that provide you with peace of mind from financial fraud.

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Is Lanistar a bank?

Lanistar is not a bank but a payment card provider. We are an intermediary that offers financial services to end users. We offer the services of a typical payment account through our partner Bankly/Acesso Solucions (in Brazil) but with advanced UI/UX and design to make it an easier user experience.

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Getting started with Lanistar.

You can start by downloading our Lanistar app for iOS or Android, installing it on your phone, and following the steps provided within the app.

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